Prusa i3 Prusa i3
The kit includes all the parts you need to build a working Prusa i3 3D printer yourself (with full electronics). 

The Prusa i3 is currently the latest version of the Reprap 3D Printers and it consists of a 6 mm thick aluminum frame and an aluminum Y-carriage with a 200 mm x 200 mm printing platform. The mounted J-Head Hotend has a Nozzlediameter of 0.5 mm and is designed for handling filament with a diameter of 3 mm. The Sanguinololu RepRap controller is flashed with the latest version of Merlin and is equipped with 4 Step sticks. This 3D Printer has a heated print bed (temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius). Furthermore, a heat-resistant glass plate and 4 Bulldog clips are included (for mounting the glass plate to the heatbed). 

We currently offer the following color options: Yellow, Black, White, Orange & Pink. 

The full Kit includes: 
- All Printed Parts (ABS) 
- Aluminum Frame 
- Aluminum Y-carriage 
- Steel rods for X, Y & Z axis 
- Threaded rods for Spool holder 
- JHead Hotend 0.5 mm for 3 mm filament 
- Groovemount 
- Greg's extruder + Hobbed bolt 
- Spool holder 
- Endstop Switches 
- Heatbed Mk2a 
- Timing Belt 
- Sanguinololu 1.3a 3D Printer Controller 
- NEMA17 Stepper motors 1.8 degrees step / 4.8 kg/cm 
- Machined Aluminium Pulleys 
- Fireproof Glass plate 4 mm 
- All screws, bolts, nuts, bearings, gliders, wiring and miscellaneous 
- PC Power Supply 
- Set of Bulldog clips 
- USB Printer Cable

Still needed: 
- 3 mm Filament 
- PET tape for ABS / PLA 
- or Blue Painter Tape for PLA 
- or Kapton tape for ABS 
- Acetone 

It is possible to update the kit with a Panelolu2 LCD Display for standalone printing (printing without a computer connected). This display has a SDSL card reader & fan control. The case for the LCD display can be printed from Thingiverse. 

For printing PLA you need to upgrade the extruder of the Prusa i3 with a fan and fan mount. 

We ship Worldwide!

Prusa i3

Overall Rating:
Unique Code: 3DP000034
Manufacturer: ReprapUniverse
Model Number: 
Assemble Type: DIY
Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
Prints From: Moving Head Print
Physical Size:  40 L x 43 W x 40 H cm
Physical Size: 15.75 L x 16.93 W x 15.75 H in
Build Volume:  20 L x 20 W x 17 H cm
Build Volume: 7.87 L x 7.87 W x 6.69 H in
Filament: ABS, PLA
No. Print Heads: 1
Below measurements are in Microns
Filament Diameter: 3000
Nozzle Diameter: 500
Layer Resolution High: 100
Layer Resolution Medium: 300
Layer Resolution Low: 400
Price: $929
Submitter: ReprapUniverse
Date Submitted: July 16, 2013 14:30:09
Date Modified: August 12, 2013 16:52:12
connectivity: Usb, Sd Card
Power: 100V, 240V
Operation Temperature: 240 Celsius
Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
Stepper Motors: 5
Weight: 9.35 Kg
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